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The Group’s head office is located in Malta but is also present through offices in Italy, Cyprus, Morocco, Algeria and Nigeria. We not only value cultural differences but also consider them as a main ingredient towards developing relationships and succeeding internationally.

Hudson’s Headquarters in Malta are committed to creating an open culture environment. The design of the open-plan office mirrors the company’s open-door policy, having developed a truly diverse team and a culture that attracts, retains, and inspires talent. The strong company culture enables employees to feel motivated, inspired, and committed.

A diverse, multi-talented workforce

Our staff emanates from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, forming a diverse workforce that has significantly enriched Hudson. Over the years, the company has expanded extensively, and currently has a staff complement of over 1000 employees, originating from over 50 nations.

Female empowerment is a key aspect of our workforce, with 56% of our employees being women. This statistic underscores the company’s dedication to fostering a workplace that is diverse and accepting. Additionally, the workforce is predominantly young, with 83% comprising millennials and Gen Z. 

Looking ahead, the leadership team at Hudson is shaping the company’s future with a positive path. Currently, 58% of our leaders are male, while 42% are female, reflecting a balanced and diverse leadership composition. This leadership group is comprised of individuals from 23 different nationalities, showcasing its international scope.

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