Issue of: €12,000,000 4.35% Unsecured Bonds 2026 of a nominal value of €100 per Bond issued at par by Hudson Malta P.L.C.


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Hudson Malta p.l.c. was established on 10 November 2017 and is a subsidiary of Hudson Holdings Limited, which is the ultimate parent of the Hudson Group and is the parent company of the Malta operations of the Hudson Group.

The principal object of Hudson Malta p.l.c. is to purchase or otherwise acquire, under any title whatsoever, to hold and manage, by any title, movable and immovable property or other assets, including but not limited to securities and other financial interests. The issue of bonds also falls within its objects. The company’s intended purpose is to further expand the Hudson Group’s retail and wholesale distribution operations in Malta of branded fashion and sportswear. Business operations are performed by its wholly-owned subsidiary Hudson Malta Sales Ltd. (also referred to as “the Guarantor”), and, therefore, the company is mainly dependent on the business prospects of the Guarantor. Hudson Malta p.l.c. operates exclusively in and from Malta.