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The Group ESTIMATES that BY 2025, around 65% of its turnover will come from THE African market.

Hudson has been operating in Africa for OVER 2 DECADES and firmly believes that Africa offers great potential for growth in retail, e-commerce and distribution businesses.

Africa is set to be the next big consumer market, offering high potential to investors, with abundant opportunities across the regions.

However it still provides a risky and challenging environment. Concerns over corruption, poverty, security and supply chain, as well as wide-ranging problems with infrastructure, are still major hurdles.

This is where Hudson has gained the experience and has acquired the resources to understand the complexities of doing business in this region and is able and willing to turn the challenges into opportunities




Operate Africa under one umbrella contract

ONE Strategy

Global brand team lays out the strategic operations


Hudson tailors and adapts the global strategy for the region


Country teams drives the executions


Inspire and reward the African consumers with unparalelled category experiences!

Our Distribution Centre


The project bolsters the company’s services towards the brands it represents in Africa – bringing Fashion and Sport closer to the continent.
In late 2020 Hudson finalised a MULTIMILLION INVESTMENT on a new distribution centre in Hal Far. The investment was financed in part by the bond proceeds issued by Hudson Malta plc in 2018 as per the prospectus of the bond issue.
The distribution centre welcomes products from Asia and Europe, intended to be shipped to over 20 countries in Africa – acting as the optimal midpoint between international brands and in-country retailers.
Strategically positioned in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta lies between Southern Europe and North Africa. This centre is located in the south of the island, just a stone’s throw away from the country’s international airport and freeport.

Strategically positioned in the centre of the Mediterranean

This distribution centre, which was purposely designed and built spans a total area of 5,000 sqm of which 3,300sqm was built up and incorporates storage, sorting, service zones for merchandise and an administration area. With this investment Hudson has tripled its previous storage capacity and with dedicated areas for specific aspects of the distribution process allows for more capacity in handling more products and different brands.

This new distribution centre not only provides a modern work environment for its employees, but also increases our operation’s overall efficiency and ability to turnover more products. This consequently will have a positive impact on the company’s business with the capacity to generate more turnover whilst bringing in cost efficiencies, hence serving to future proof our business.

This warehouse currently welcomes products from top brands including Nike and Converse. It also sets the company in a good position to welcome new brands and service more clients within Africa – bringing both sports and fashion products all the closer to the continent and its people.

Hudson strives to continuously bring the continent with the brands it wants and loves. In fact, our leading sport brand, NIKE was confirmed for the fourth consecutive year to be the most admired sport brand in Africa.



Working with us

The Benefits of working with us

  • Clear brand management
  • Lean distribution strategy
  • Ease of doing business
  • Minimised custom charge effect to RRP
  • Rationalised & strategically focused
  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Investments
  • Financial stability
  • Experience in territory

We take time to understand the brand first and foremost, identify the potential consumer and create distribution strategies and retail experiences, to roll out the Brand in target territories. Our focus markets are Europe & Africa, specifically Algeria, Morocco, Cyprus and Nigeria where we have satellite offices, people on the ground, a wealth of experience and strong local partners with whom we can make the difference.

We recruit experienced multicultural and multinational personnel to make the Hudson team a truly international and knowledgeable team focused on results. We deliver the results that our partners expect and give them the peace of mind that they demand.

Rapid growth in urbanisation will drive modernisation and retailing 


We are integrated and have cultural affinities within the markets in which we operate and are tuned into the way of doing business in these markets. We are familiar with the procedures, legislation and practises that are often complex and fluid. We understand these markets and have operated in them for years enabling us to build our experiences and network.

We have learnt how to deal with the regular difficulties and hurdles that we face resulting from the difficult markets that we operate in. We take these in our stride and learn from our experiences. The results that we have achieved are proof of this. The growth that we have planned shows our confidence to continue to deliver these many challenges.

We Know the Business

Not only does Hudson have extensive retail and distribution experience built over the last three decades but our experience is specifically directed at introducing brands and building them in new and challenging markets, through the right mix of retail and distribution channels.

What do we look for in our business brand partners?

Prior to entering into a partnership, we look for a set number of requirements. Markets present their own number of challenges so we need to know that we are entering a project with the right mix of capabilities and prerequisites.

  • Simplicity and ability to work with
  • Scalability and size 
  • Digital Focus
  • Financial Strength
  • Sustainability
  • Relevant to our markets
  • Focus on sports and fashion
  • Brings value to our customers
  • Long term vision and strategy