Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy seeks to give back to the communities where the company is present. This activity centers around the following value pillars.

Our Values

Empowering a Fitness Culture
Driving Creative Potential
A Society for All
Passion for the World around us
Respect towards the Environment
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Empowering a Fitness Culture

As the representatives of major sports brands, including the leading sport brand, NIKE, health and wellness are at the core of Hudson’s values. The company believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing the market with the right equipment and clothing. It’s initiative – Hudson Active with the slogan ‘empowering a fitness culture’, focuses on promoting physical activity within the communities it operates in as well as to support activities which embrace these values.

The initiative draws awareness about the importance of practicing sports, and of carrying out daily exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Hudson Active follows the earlier launch of  Healthy Hudson, an internal employee programme, which encourages a healthy lifestyle among the Group’s employees with activities including healthy meals and snacks which included ‘Clean Eating Mondays’ and ‘Healthy Breakfasts’, fundraising activities towards health causes, massages and exercise classes.

Driving Creative Potential

We believe in starting small and setting solid foundations. We want to fuel potential, incubate talent and push it towards success beyond our shores.


A society for All

We embrace diversity, respect others and want everyone to feel that they belong in the various facets of society.

Passion for the world around us 

Hudson seeks to encourage its employees to make a difference in their surrounding world. To be responsible citizens and look at ways they can help the community and environment. When taking decisions at work, Hudson employees are encouraged to take care and minimize harm to surrounding societies and the environment.

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Respect towards the environment

We seek to minimise harm towards the environment, looking to reduce waste as well as by carrying out environmentally related clean-ups and other initiatives.