Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy seeks to give back to the communities where the company is present. This activity centres around the following value pillars.


Empowering a Fitness Culture
Driving Creative Potential
A Society for All
Passion for the World
Respect the Environment


As the representatives of major sports brands, including the leading sport brand, NIKE, health and wellness are at the core of Hudson’s values. The company believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing the market with the right equipment and clothing. It seeks to empower a fitness culture, and promote physical activity within the communities it operates in as well as to support activities which embrace these values.

These initiatives draw awareness on the importance of practicing sports, and of carrying out daily exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

This builds on the earlier launch of Healthy Hudson, an internal employee programme, which encourages a healthy lifestyle among the Group’s employees with activities including healthy meals and snacks which included ‘Clean Eating Mondays’ and ‘Healthy Breakfasts’, fundraising activities towards health causes, massages and exercise classes.

Driving Creative Potential

We believe in starting small and setting solid foundations. We want to fuel potential, incubate talent and push it towards success beyond our shores.

A Society for All

We embrace diversity, respect others and want everyone to feel that they belong in the various facets of society.

Passion For The World Around Us

Hudson encourage its employees to make a difference in their surrounding world. To be responsible citizens and look at ways they can help the community and environment. When taking decisions at work, Hudson employees are encouraged to take care and minimise harm to surrounding societies and the environment. Check out the other efforts set in place to encourage positive action by our employees, as part of The Hudson Foundation.

Respect towards the Environment

We seek to minimise harm towards the environment, looking to reduce waste as well as by carrying out environmentally related clean-ups and other initiatives. 

Sustainability MATTERS

As an international company representing the biggest names in fashion and sport, Hudson is conscious of its impact on Mother Earth and seeks to employ set actions to minimise harm to its surrounding environment.

The fashion industry is a great contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, yet sustainable practices can significantly reduce consumption and waste.

The brands we choose to represent are proactively reducing the impact of fashion and sport clothing on the environment. They not only seek to reduce their carbon footprint but also want to play an active role in being part of the solution, by working tirelessly through innovation to reduce waste. Besides employing several sustainable practices and cooperating with brands who share this philosophy, our offices, outlets, and storage facilities have put in place a number of measures and projects.

Change starts within, so Hudson has ramped up its efforts towards a more sustainable operation. Read more here.

Utilisation of Rain Water

Malta is home to many underground reservoirs – testament to the great efforts employed by the Knights of St John and the British to secure the islands’ water needs.

These reservoirs are nowadays endangered from disuse, or worse, from being seen as an obstacle to construction and development. The Hudson head Office in Burmarrad, Malta is home to a similar underground reservoir. Thanks to this, rainwater from roofs and terraces is collected and reused for toilet and tap water, as well as to wash floors and water plants.

Electric Vehicles

The timely transportation of our products is fundamental to our operation. Nonetheless, we have a full commitment to switch all Hudson delivery vans and other transportation vehicles to fully electric.

Clothes and Shoe Recycling Bins

To reduce waste produced by sport and fast fashion which ultimately finds itself in landfills, Hudson Malta (on the right) and Hudson Algeria (on the left) have introduced recycling bins within their stores, offices and other premises. Clients and employees are invited to recycle their unwanted clothing and shoes, which will eventually be exported for reuse and to be recycled.

Recycling Bins at Head Office because ‘Change Starts Within’

Hudson believes that for a better world, change must start within and placing clothes and shoes recycling bins within our various offices encourages our staff to start making the difference.

Bin It Right! 

Employees play a vital role in reducing waste, because as they say ‘change starts from within’ and if it isn’t our employees to be given the tools to support the environment, there is no use professing the importance of caring for the environment unless we do so within the offices we frequent on a daily basis.

Caring for the planet is a fundamental HUDSON WAY value, which we encourage employees to practice each day. A number of brightly labeled bins are placed around our premises to encourage the right disposal and separation of daily waste. We believe that every little helps and saving the planet starts at home…. And within the office.

No More Paper Cups – Personalised Reusable Cups 

Hudson is pulling a concerted effort to reduce its use of paper cups in hope of reducing its paper waste. This will save tens of thousands of cups being thrown in the Malta landfill  each year.

This initiative will gradually be rolled out to all retail outlets, offices and stores in Malta, with plans to expand to other territories.

350 trees planted in 2023, with plans to plant more than 1000 trees until 2025

The Hudson Foundation launched a significant eco-friendly initiative by planting olive trees in Park Tal-Majjistral – found in the North of Malta. This project contributes towards a greener future and builds on the Foundation’s pillar to support Mother Earth. Together with the environment, the foundation supports initiatives to safeguard animals and children.

The dedicated Hudson staff, senior management members, directors, and chief executives actively executed the planting initiative. The Hudson Foundation, worked together with Park tal-Majjistral to cover the costs of an irrigation system that will nurture each and every tree, hence ensuring their livelihood. 

Additionally, the Foundation will replace plants that do not thrive. The Foundation planted 350 plants so far, with plans to plant a minimum of 1000 trees over the next 26 months.


Plogging events

Hudson Algeria and Hudson Morocco have brought communities together for both team building and environmental conservation. Participants engaged in a unique blend of fitness and eco-consciousness through a memorable event that featured a combination of plogging, a recreational activity involving jogging and picking up litter, and a training session. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm as couples joined forces, breaking a sweat while contributing to the cleanliness of public spaces. The event showcased the power of collective action, emphasizing the importance of community engagement in preserving the environment.


Reusing and Recycling Stock Delivery Cardboard boxes

Representing and handling the distribution of a myriad of brands causes Hudson to handle many cardboard boxes. Yet conscious of our impact on the environment, we seek to reuse these boxes by removing any labeling and utilising them to pack products when distributing stock to our clients or stores in Africa or Europe. The boxes we cannot reuse are flat packed and collected by a waste removal company to be recycled.

PV Panels at our Hal Far Distribution Centre, Malta

The distribution centre, found in the south of Malta, welcomes products from Asia and Europe, intended to be shipped to over 20 countries in Africa – acting as the optimal midpoint between international brands and in-country retailers.

This purposely designed and built centre spans a total area of 5,000 sqm of which 3,300sqm was built up and incorporates storage, sorting, service zones for merchandise and an administration area.  Through this investment, which was financed in part by the bond proceeds issued by Hudson Malta plc in 2018, Hudson has tripled its previous storage capacity.

The area with spans around 3000 sqm on Hudson’s distribution centre in Hal Far has been utilised to generate energy through the installation of PV panels. These panels will produce a total of 662,640kwh and offset 250 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year, that’s equivalent to that produced by 424 flights between London, UK and New York, USA.

There are future plans of increasing these solar panels to be installed at the Hudson head office and other storage facilities.