The Hudson Foundation

A voice to the voiceless

The Hudson Foundation was set up with the intention to give back to society and help ‘give a voice to the voiceless’.

Helping everyone in need is impossible, so we honed into areas that are close at heart – children, dogs, and mother earth. With dogs being close at heart, particularly for our Founder & Chairman Alfie Borg, we identified this area as our main priority for 2022. The Foundation initially kicked off in Malta with the intention to take it to its other territories.



The Hudson Foundation is aligned with Hudson’s core value which is mindful of the impact the company has to its surroundings. It seeks to encourage behaviour which respects Planet Earth as well as to offer support to the communities it operates in. 

This philosophy threads through the various facets of the company, particularly as it most recently ramped up its efforts towards a more sustainable operation. For more information about this click here. 

Refurbishment works at Noah’s Ark

The shelter offers a welcoming home to abandoned and mistreated dogs including those who suffer abuse or are forced to participate in dog fights.

This shelter relies on the donations of companies and individuals and was in dire need of our support. We therefore supported them by building better kennels for the dogs as well as brightening up the environment, making it more welcome for families seeking to adopt a furry friend.

We also concluded works towards the development of a specialised hospital-grade emergency room.

A brighter environment for sheltered dogs

The below images show the renovation floor work sponsored by Hudson at Noah’s Ark – providing a cleaner, more welcoming environment for the abandoned dogs.

Covering Vet and medicinal expenses for AAA

The Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) in Birzebugia encounters worst cases of animal cruelty and receives cases rescued by the Animal Welfare authorities which include dog fighting as well as dogs living in very bad conditions.

The shelter is grossly understaffed due to a lack of funds and also incurs great monthly costs related to neutering and veterinary expenses. The foundation will be supporting them by elevating the financial pressures by sponsoring three months of neutering costs. 

It will also support by providing detergents specially intended for dogs. A cleaner environment will not only provide a more welcoming environment for the dogs and the staff who frequent the premises on a daily basis but will also stop the spread of illness.

Encouraging Employees to do their part

Hudson is proud to have put in place two internal initiatives empowering employees to give back through voluntary work with charities or entities related to supporting Animal Shelters, Impoverished Children and the Environment).

Volunteering as part of a day’s work

Hudson employees are encouraged to dedicate a maximum of one day away from work every six months to carry out voluntary work with the charities supported by the Hudson Foundation which include Animal Shelters – particularly dogs, Impoverished Children and the Environment.

Euro for Euro Initiative

If an employee raises funds for a charity falling in line with the Hudson Foundation remit, Hudson will match the amount raised/donated up to €250 per activity.