The Hudson Foundation

A voice to the voiceless

The Hudson Foundation was set up with the intention to give back to society and help ‘give a voice to the voiceless’.

Helping everyone in need is impossible, so we honed into areas that are close at heart – children, dogs, and mother earth. With dogs being close at heart, particularly for our Founder & Chairman Alfie Borg, we identified this area as our main priority for 2022. The Foundation initially kicked off in Malta with the intention to take it to its other territories.


The Hudson Foundation is aligned with Hudson’s core value which is mindful of the impact the company has to its surroundings. It seeks to encourage behaviour which respects Planet Earth as well as to offer support to the communities it operates in. 

This philosophy threads through the various facets of the company, particularly as it most recently ramped up its efforts towards a more sustainable operation. For more information about this click here. 

Tree Planting in Malta’s northern ‘Park tal-Majjistral’ in Mellieha 

As Malta’s population increases and construction works continue to sprout all over the island. To support the regeneration of nature, the Hudson Foundation will be planting over 1000 trees within the park. The sponsorship also includes an irrigation and maintenance system to ensure the longevity of these trees. 

The dedicated Hudson staff, senior management members, directors, and chief executives actively executed the planting initiative of a total of 350 planted trees so far, with plans to plant a minimum of 1000 trees over the next 26 months.

The Hudson Foundation, worked together with Park tal-Majjistral to cover the costs of an irrigation system that will nurture each and every tree, hence ensuring their livelihood. Additionally, the Foundation will replace plants that do not thrive. 

The Park, located in the northwest of Malta, stretches through the coastal area of Golden Bay to Il-Prajjet and ix-Xagħra l-Ħamra, and was declared a national park in 2007. The Majjistral Park is the perfect spot to breathe in some fresh air from the surrounding countryside and sea ahead. It is frequented by many who enjoy quality time with the family, the great outdoors, explore the wildlife and the beautiful views that Malta has to offer. Hudson Foundation is therefore delighted to contribute to this, for the present as well as to protect the environment for future generations. 

Refurbishment works at Noah’s Ark

The shelter offers a welcoming home to abandoned and mistreated dogs including those who suffer abuse or are forced to participate in dog fights.

This shelter relies on the donations of companies and individuals and was in dire need of our support. We therefore supported them by building better kennels for the dogs as well as brightening up the environment, making it more welcome for families seeking to adopt a furry friend.

We also concluded works towards the development of a specialised hospital-grade emergency room.

A brighter environment for sheltered dogs

The below images show the renovation floor work sponsored by Hudson at Noah’s Ark – providing a cleaner, to create a more welcoming environment for the abandoned dogs.

Your dogs are welcome in Hudson Stores

Along with Hudson Foundation’s philosophy of spreading love to kids, the environment, and abandoned dogs, we are glad to welcome all dogs into our stores, given they are not a nuisance or hazard to staff, shoppers and other pets. Customers are expected to take full responsibility for their dogs, for full terms and conditions click here.

Covering Vet and medicinal expenses for AAA

The Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) in Birzebugia encounters worst cases of animal cruelty and receives cases rescued by the Animal Welfare authorities which include dog fighting as well as dogs living in very bad conditions.

The shelter is grossly understaffed due to a lack of funds and also incurs great monthly costs related to neutering and veterinary expenses. The foundation have supported them by elevating the financial pressures by sponsoring three months of neutering costs. 

It also supported by providing detergents specially intended for dogs. A cleaner environment will not only provide a more welcoming environment for the dogs and the staff who frequent the premises on a daily basis but will also stop the spread of illness.

In 2023, the foundation has continued supporting the AAA by contributing to the medical needs of these animals. This includes check-ups, operations, and necessary medication. In addition, the Hudson Foundation has provided essential cleaning supplies to keep the animals, premises, and feeding bowls disinfected.

A dog walk in aid of the real animal rights foundation to support a safe house for dogs and cats!

Hudson Foundation teamed up with Intersport, one of the brands represented by Hudson in Malta, to organize a family dog walk. The 3km walk took place in Maqluba Qrendi, and numerous families participated along the picturesque route, together with their dogs.

Each dog who finished the race was given their very own medal, and the money gathered during this event supported the Real Animal Rights Foundation and the running of their safe house, which welcomes abandoned and maltreated animals from the streets. The funds have gone towards the renovation of an outdoor area for dogs and cats.

Providing Clothing and Footwear for Children in Need

In the beginning of the scholastic year many families struggle with the expenses tied to school uniforms, stationary and all the other activities tied with schooling. For this reason the Hudson Foundation supported over 20 children residing in homes, who struggle to pay these expenses with training shoes from our leading brands.

Supporting Victims of the Ukraine War

In 2022, many Ukrainian families had to flee their homes due to war. Hudson to offer its support to those residing in Malta, by offering Christmas gifts to Ukrainian children, as well as nappies and baby milk. It continued supporting this community by donating food products and essential needs on a regular basis. 

* Below photos are stock photography and do not represent the children receiving the above mentioned donations.

Safe Cleaning Supplies for the Ukrainian Community in Malta

David Basile on behalf of Cherubino Ltd. supported the Hudson Foundation by offering numerous boxes of cleaning supplies to distribute to the Ukrainian community in Malta.

These families have left their war-torn country and are now living in Malta.

The products offered include a range of floor, clothes and personal hygiene supplies. 

Art Exhibitions in aid of Hudson Foundation by Chairman and Founder – Alfie Borg


Legends, a solo exhibition by Hudson Founder and Chairman Alfie Borg in aid of The Hudson Foundation, include mix media pieces on wood, depicting all time legends from the world of art, sport, music, film and social history, who have served as a source of inspiration throughout Alfie’s life. Personalities included Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, Stan Lee, Muhammed Ali, Queen Elizabeth II and more.

The exhibition took place 16th November and 7th December 2022, at Kettles Cafe at the Farsons Brewery in Mriehel. All artworks were sold with only the Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Lee and Mugshots pieces, still available.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the art pieces will go initiatives carried out by the Hudson Foundation. In the coming months, the foundation seeks to find ways to support disadvantaged children as well as to support initiatives that help save mother earth, and your support through this exhibition will be greatly appreciated. Click here for full news story.


For the Second consecutive year, Alfie Borg, the Chairman and Founder of Hudson, unveiled “Juxtapose”, a collection of 17 diverse artworks. These mixed media artworks feature iconic figures such as performers; Beyonce, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Freddie Mercury, Mickey Mouse, footballers; Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, and more. The exhibition, showcases the fusion of various artistic elements.

The exhibition took place 29th November and 6th December 2023, at the Marie Gallery in Tigne, Sliema

Alfie’s exhibition draws inspiration from Albert Einstein’s profound words, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The artworks serve as a potent expression of human imagination and the essence of the soul.

This artistic space captures the journeys of individuals who emerged from humble beginnings to achieve greatness through imagination, determination, and self-sacrifice. The mixed media artworks on wood, influenced by music, movies, history, religion, and politics, reflect the vibrant art scenes of New York, Los Angeles, and London.

The funds collected will directly support the causes that champion the three pillars of the Hudson Foundation which are children, dogs and Mother Earth, this includes the Ukrainian community in Malta, AAA (Association of Abandoned Animals) and Park tal-Majjistral in the north of Malta. 

Encouraging Employees to do their part

Hudson is proud to have put in place two internal initiatives empowering employees to give back through voluntary work with charities or entities related to supporting Animal Shelters, Impoverished Children and the Environment.

Volunteering as part of a day’s work

Hudson employees are encouraged to dedicate a maximum of one day away from work every six months to carry out voluntary work with the charities supported by the Hudson Foundation which include Animal Shelters – particularly dogs, Impoverished Children and the Environment.

Euro for Euro Initiative

If an employee raises funds for a charity falling in line with the Hudson Foundation remit, Hudson will match the amount raised/donated up to €250 per activity.