Responsible Department: Human Resources

Responsible Executive: Chief People Officer

Date Established: 01/07/2018

Date Last Revised: 19/02/2024

The Purpose

Hudson Holdings values all employees and is committed to assisting its employees to maintain a high level of well-being. As part of this commitment, the Company recognises the need to provide adequate support for employees experiencing personal difficulties.

The provision of an Employee Support Contribution Scheme endeavours to support such employees. This policy applies to all Hudson Group employees.

The Policy

By means of this initiative, Hudson employees may support their colleagues and their families who are in need, by voluntarily participating in a contribution scheme, whereby all staff may donate an amount of money to be deducted from their salary monthly.

Such monies will be deposited into a fund, which fund will be managed by the Chief People Officer and the Chief Financial Officer (the Fund Managers).

The Fund Managers will receive requests for assistance from all Line Managers on behalf of their respective current employees. On a regular basis the Fund Managers will review all requests and disburse grants to employees in need.

Requests for assistance are to be accompanied by all relevant documentation to enable the Fund Managers to make funding decisions.

The funds will be available as financial assistance for medical purposes and will be used in cases of serious injury or illness of employees and/or their immediate family. Such funding may be applicable for consultations, treatment, rehabilitation and medicines when these will not be covered by assistance through government support or medical insurance. Only a maximum payment of 33% of available funds may be made per individual in any given calendar year.

The Company will make a deposit of €10 per employee per annum in the fund. Such a contribution will be made in January of every year.

Those employees wishing to contribute to such a scheme are requested to fill in the required form available from HR, where they are to indicate the amount, they wish to donate. Should an employee wish to discontinue participating in the scheme he/she must do so by informing the HR Department in writing.

Should the Scheme ever be discontinued, any outstanding balances will be donated to an NGO. Such an NGO will be selected by a majority of the contributors in the scheme at that time.

N.B. Employee contribution to this scheme is voluntary and non-refundable. Any contributions already paid by the employee will not be returned upon terminating their employment or their membership to the scheme.

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