Visual Merchandiser – MANGO

  • Full Time
  • Malta

Role purpose

Optimize sales by presenting products in a visually appealing manner that aligns with Mango standards.

The key duties and responsibilities of the role are as follows


  • Ensure consistent store image and commercial appeal.
  • Possess comprehensive product knowledge and stay informed about seasonal trends.
  • Apply and adapt Mango’s visual merchandising standards to the store’s needs.
  • Produce commercial stylings and oversee appealing product displays.
  • Supervise all visual elements affecting the store’s image.


  • Effectively manage the TOP 40 ranking and analyse data for optimal sales.
  • Plan product changes based on profitability and adapt to stock levels.
  • Monitor furniture displays’ impact on sales and optimize strategic areas.
  • Adapt products to the store profile and respond to factors affecting sales.


  • Update the Merchandising and Rotation rail daily.
  • Ensure store merchandising information is up-to-date.
  • Anticipate materials required for store changes and maintain correct replenishment.
  • Control and manage stock, including daily deliveries and new items.
  • Plan and implement changes based on profitability and stock levels.
  • Monitor sales factors and adjust merchandising accordingly.
  • Liaise with In Season Trading team to align merchandising strategies.


  • Hold daily product briefings with the store team.
  • Prepare and encourage product and trend briefings.
  • Explain merchandising and furniture display standards to the team.
  • Work closely with store manager regarding people and day-today responsibilities.
  • Pass on relevant product information and feedback.
  • Liaise with the marketing team for POS material.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Handle unforeseen situations involving customers and employees.
  • Contribute to competitive awareness by staying updated on trends, competitors, product knowledge, and customer service standards.
  • Pass on relevant product information and feedback.
  • Actively seek ways to improve merchandising strategies and store appearance.


  • Conversion Rates, UTP, ATV
  • Sales per SQM
  • Sell-Through Rate: Calculate the percentage of merchandise that is sold within a specific period, indicating the success of visual merchandising in moving inventory.
  • Inventory Turnover: Evaluate how quickly merchandise is sold and replaced, indicating the effectiveness of visual merchandising in promoting desirable products.
  • TOP 40 Ranking Performance: Track the performance of products within the TOP 40 ranking and analyse their contribution to overall sales. This KPI provides insights into the success of strategic merchandising efforts and helps optimize product selections for maximum profitability.

Core competencies, knowledge, and experience

  • Fashion knowledge and awareness.
  • Good communicator, friendly, and polite.
  • Organized, analytical, and proactive.
  • Flexible attitude towards change.
  • Creative and willing to improve.
  • Company Merchandising and Image Standards.
  • Product knowledge and interest in fashion.
  • Customer service standards.
  • Collection and its potential.
  • Analysis and decision-making capacity.
  • Adaptability, energy, and speed.