Hudson Foundation celebrates its launch with ‘Legends’ Art Exhibition by Hudson Founder and Chairman Alfie Borg

The Hudson Foundation was set up with the intention to give back to society, helping to ‘Give a Voice to the Voiceless’, to support Abandoned Dogs, Children and Mother Earth.

To celebrate its inception, the foundation organized ‘LEGENDS’, a collection of contemporary works by Hudson Founder and Chairman Alfie Borg, depicting all time legends from the world of art, sport, music, film and social history. The collection includes personalities such as Jesus Christ, Michael Jordan, Charlie Chaplin, Quentin Tarantino, Muhammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Stan Lee, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth II, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and more. The personalities have inspired Alfie in different stages of his life. Collectively, these characters have endured hardships, yet fought through ambition, strength of mind and dedication to gain global success.


The works feature mixed media, with some including embellishments relevant to the subject matter, which are also available as limited prints. Brimming with emotions, each thought-provoking art piece communicates its own unique story, a story that takes weeks to put together until it is finally completed.

The exhibition takes place at Kettles Café until 7th December 2022. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the art pieces and prints will go towards the foundation. The event was sponsored by Converse, who leads in promoting creativity.

The foundation has already provided restoration works as well as supported Noah’s Ark in Mellieha to develop an emergency room. It also sponsored medical expenses as well as provided cleaning material for the Association for Abandoned Animals Malta in Birzebbugia. The foundation is now seeking to continue its work in supporting animals and disadvantaged children as well as to carry initiatives to help the environment. For more information about the foundation click here.

In his address, the Legends artist and foundation Chairman Alfie Borg explained how throughout his adult life, art provided the right balance between work and family life – a balance he so much needed to deliver in both aspects of life. “The foundation strives to support the most vulnerable, particularly those who lack a voice – dogs, children and mother earth. We have already helped two animal entities, whilst we have other projects lined up to help children through sports as well to promote a greener environment”.

Hudson finds its roots in Sports, when in the 1990s it introduced NIKE and other sport brands to Malta. “Given this, we would like to provide access to sport, particularly to those children who display a talent, yet due to financial difficulties, do not always have the possibility to do so” Mr Borg continued to explain.

In recent years, Hudson has also sought to ramp up its efforts towards a more sustainable operation, aligning all areas of its business, to be more mindful of their impact to the environment. The foundation therefore has plans, to support the regeneration of the environment.

Moira Delia, Maltese TV Presenter and Animal Rights activist presented the event, whilst Commissioner for Animal Welfare Alison Bezzina commended the launch of the foundation and thanked the company for putting the wellbeing of helpless creatures as a top priority.

The Hudson foundation is aligned to the Hudson Way – a series of values which guide every action within the company. It is aligned with Hudson’s core to be mindful of the impact the company has on its surroundings. It seeks to encourage behaviour which respects Planet Earth as well as to offer support to the communities it operates in. This philosophy, threads through the various facets of the company, particularly as it most recently ramped up its efforts towards a more sustainable operation. For more information about this click here.

To read more about the Legends collection, click here.