Hudson Foundation sponsors Maltese talent in global art exhibition; ‘La Biennale di Venezia’ in Venice, Italy

The Hudson Foundation, established by Alfie Borg in 2022 proudly announces its sponsorship of the project ‘I Will Follow the Ship’ representing the Malta Pavilion at the 60th edition of the esteemed ‘La Biennale di Venezia’ in Venice, Italy. This renowned event serves as a distinguished platform for global artists, curators, and art enthusiasts to engage with diverse contemporary artworks spanning painting, sculpture, installation, video art, and performance.

Set in iconic venues across Venice, including the Arsenale and the Giardini, where numerous national pavilions are situated, the Biennale draws a global audience of thousands. It stands as a pivotal moment in the international art calendar, fostering critical discussions and providing artists with a vital opportunity to showcase their work to a broad and discerning audience.

The Venice Biennale is celebrated for facilitating dialogue and recognition on an international scale, encouraging the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Its significance lies in its role as a catalyst for cultural exchange, artistic experimentation, and the advancement of discourse within the global art community.

Malta’s participation in the Venice Biennale, commissioned by Arts Council Malta, provides a crucial platform for its artists and art professionals to engage on an international scale, forging connections and collaborations while elevating Malta’s influence in the global art scene. The strategic placement of Malta’s National Pavilion within the Arsenale underscores the country’s growing recognition and significance on the international stage, ranking amongst the top ten within the exhibition.

Presented by the youngest team to represent Malta at the International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, ‘I Will Follow the Ship’ incorporates local artist Matthew Attard’s contemporary drawing, historical references, and digital technology, delving into the realms of AI and digital innovation in drawing.

Matthew Attard’s interdisciplinary approach highlights drawing’s versatility, performance, and time-based nature. The exhibition was co-curated by Elyse Tonna and Sara Dolfi Agostini, with Maria Galea and Michela Rizzo at the helm of this ambitious project.

Hudson’s Chairman and Founder, Alfie Borg, expressed, “Art has been a source of inspiration throughout my journey, shaping not only the inception and growth of Hudson but also our approach to innovative problem-solving. It is with immense pleasure that we contribute to the support of local artists by sponsoring such significant events.”

Maria Galea, Project Manager and Partnership for Malta Pavilion 2024, conveyed her delight, stating, “We are honoured by the Hudson Foundation’s support for ‘I Will Follow the Ship,’ our project at the Venice Biennale Malta Pavilion 2024. This sponsorship marks a significant milestone and underscores the critical role of foundations and companies in advancing arts and culture, particularly projects of national significance. On behalf of the team, we thank the foundation for being part of our journey towards the implementation of this project.”

Art stands as one of the Hudson Foundation’s core pillars, intertwined with the company’s values, creativity, and ethos of ‘thinking outside the box’. Founded with the purpose of giving back to society and amplifying voices, the foundation focuses on four main pillars – children, dogs, mother earth, and art.

Images from Alfie Borg’s most recent exhibition ‘Juxtapose‘ in aid of Hudson Foundation

Committed to nurturing creativity and contributing to societal causes, the Hudson Foundation remains dedicated to leveraging its resources for meaningful contributions and aspires to extend its impact across diverse territories.


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