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Working with Hudson is no ordinary job. The company enables you to interact with great brands, experience amazing teamwork, flexible hours, excellent work-life balance as well as a vibrant working environment. Moreover, you are also presented with great prospects for career development.

Hudson is continuously seeking to expand its business both locally and internationally, many employees have set off working with us in one role, now to find themselves in a more senior one or in a different department, travelling the world, and dealing directly with the brands we represent.

Embarking on an adventure with Hudson enables you to not only grow professionally, but also as a person, in all aspects of life.

We’ve listed some other reasons why it’s so great to work with Hudson:

Interact with great brands

Our product portfolio includes great brands such as NIKE, Ted Baker, New Look, River Island, Vans, Coverse, Alcott, Kiabi and Benetton, and the list keeps growing from year to year. Be part of the great thrill involved as each brand unravels its new collections and be behind the greatest product launches, merchandising and marketing campaigns.

Grow in a dynamic environment

Hudson offers a great learning environment, pushing you beyond your comfort zone, to go beyond your best abilities and grow in your career. Many employees joined the company and now occupy more senior roles and have also moved to another department consequently growing in their knowledge and their experience. Coupled with this, in many roles you can benefit from flexible hours and an excellent work life balance.

Do great things, through amazing teamwork

Our offices, warehouses and stores span various parts of Malta, Gozo, Europe and Africa. Think of all the great people you could cross paths with and learn from. Make life-long friendships, share laughs and develop in all aspects of your personality whilst working with one of Hudson’s great teams.

Access to great product and promotions

Hudson Group employees are the first to know about the latest product launches and are also entitled to very generous discounts across the different brands.

Free Yoga, Free Breakfast, Healthy Treats and Massages

Working at Hudson does not only offer great working environments but also other perks such as free yoga sessions, free breakfast, healthy treats and massages to staff. The social team, also throw the best Christmas, Summer and dress-up parties!