Premium Brands – Hudson’s joint venture in Algeria receives wide PR attention as it gains momentum

Following its launch in 2018, Premium Brands has worked tirelessly to take Algeria’s retail sector to new heights. Besides setting up its office, the company intends to open 2 NIKE stores and an Urban Jungle stores, in Algiers and Oran respectively by the end of this year. This plan will accelerate in 2020 and 2021, with new store openings intended to roll out across the country.

Launched in 2018, Hudson Group’s joint venture ‘Premium Brands’ represents and distributes NIKE, Converse and Urban Jungle in Algeria.

When interviewed on the matter, Nicolas Vidal, General Manager Premium Brands in North Africa stated “Algeria is a booming economic hub, and we are pleased to announce the realization of this project. We are also delighted to deliver the innovations and our brands’ international trends to Algeria.

This development has gained vast press attention as it intends to provide numerous employment for those in Algeria as well as a new, innovative shopping experience for the country’s residents.