Stunning New Urban Jungle store opens in Via Toledo, Naples

Spanning an area of 300sqm, a new Urban Jungle store based on the UJ 3.0 Aluminum Truss design has opened its doors on the busting shopping street of Via Toledo, Naples. This  store, managed by Hudson Italy, will replace the previous UJ store within the same street in the historic Italian city.

The store features a stunning assortment of Sneakers, Apparel and Accessories. The brand offers the latest in street fashion apparel, together with the coolest accessories, limited edition, exclusive products and gadgets. With new product arrivals every week, Urban Jungle is not just a fashion store but a landmark for street culture.

Becoming a sought after multiband store, Urban Jungle has achieved great traction amongst the highly fashion-conscious Italian youngsters.  Launched in 1993, the brand has offered generations the best in sneaker culture and street fashion. It is now present in over 20 locations in Europe and Africa, in; 3 stores in Malta, 11 in Italy including Rome, 4 in Morocco precisely in Casablanca,  Rabat and Tangier, 1 in Algeria’s capital city Algiers as well as another in Lagos, Nigeria….with more in the pipeline.

Irreverence and colliding styles co-exist under the same roof, as the redesign presents a perfect concoction of industrial materials, hi-tech and nature. Once the avenue of a few, particularly those with an interest in basketball and skateboarding, street wear has now gained solid momentum, worn by those with an eye in fashion, art and music.


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