Bratz are back bigger than ever with ‘Summer Splash’!

Urban Bratz are back for the greatest summer ever! Just as schools close their doors for the year, Urban Bratz’s Summer campaign features kids with boundless energy and excitement, as they immerse themselves in the sun-kissed days of endless fun.

As is synonymous with the brand, the campaign welcomes a carefree season fueling an adventurous spirit, encouraging all kids to explore the world around them, embark on outdoor escapades, build sandcastles on sandy beaches and taking big splashes in shimmering pools. Summer unlocks a realm of endless possibilities for kids, where they can indulge in ice cream delights and savor juicy watermelon slices. Urban Bratz encourages just that!

To top up a memorable summer, Urban Bratz is offering a free Bratz Water Blaster with every sneaker purchase of over €90. T&Cs apply. Get the best gear now and embark upon the water fights over this summer break!

Urban Bratz is the ultimate fashion location, delivering the greatest footwear and lifestyle gear for 2-14-year-old kids and early teenagers, targeted towards a generation of go-getters.  The store presents these kids with: Nike, Jordan, Adidas Original, Converse, Vans, Levis, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, and Crocs, with locations at Level 1, Baystreet Shopping Complex, the Strand, Sliema, Level 1, Arkadia Commercial Centre, and Gozo.

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