Every guy will agree that there’s so much that goes into wearing a suit – it’s all about the detail and the glove-like fit. Paying close attention to the right details will make you feel confident in any setting. We understand that finding what makes a suit look sharp isn’t always easy. Here are some golden rules for rocking a suit.

1. Find the perfect fit and stick to it – When you’re buying a suit, the perfect fit is an absolute necessity. Any gentleman can make a suit work, providing it fits perfectly! For a proper fit, ensure that the shoulder pads end at the shoulders and the arms hang straight and long.

2. Choose the right fabric – Although its all about personal choice, suits made of wool are typically worn year-round. Wool is a great choice in cold weather due to its insulating properties and also a great option for the warmer months due to its breathable nature. Ted Baker’s suits combine comfort with style and high-end material.

3. Button the shirt at the top – Never leave the top button of your shirt open. You want to enhance a smart and professional look. While you’re at it, ensure the collar fits properly, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Tight shirts around the collar are very unflattering.


4. Loose the button at the bottom – The last button of your suit should always be open. Its purpose is just to complete the design, you don’t need to close it. The rule goes, from top to bottom; ‘Always, Sometimes, Never’.

5. Unfasten the buttons while sitting down – This one is a must, lest you want to spoil your suit. Or look entirely uncomfortable – a look you’d prefer to avoid. Unbutton the jacket only when sitting down to avoid creases. Fasten it again as soon as you stand up.

6. Invest in accessories – Equip your wardrobe – A clean white shirt, navy suit and chino trousers are all flexible garments that can be dressed up or down accordingly. Add personality to your style, don’t forget a tie, a watch,  belt, cuff links and of course, cologne. If you’re wearing a dark suit, a light pocket square adds that extra touch.

7. Maintenance is key- Ensure you are well groomed at all times. Shoes must be polished, tailored shirts steamed and jackets dry-cleaned. A post-shave skincare regime and regular visits to the barber will ensure that you always look your best.

Every man needs at least one suit that fits properly and makes them feel confident in any setting, Below we have listed three suits from the New Ted Baker Collection:

The ARCINAJ Black Suit

A suit that every gentleman should own is a classic black suit. If you are looking for a suit for the next big occasion, you’ll love this ARCINAJ suit from Ted Baker. This chic style is indispensable in the wardrobe of any gentleman.

The ARCINAJ Navy Blue Suit

If you only have one suit in your wardrobe, make sure it’s a navy wool suit. Navy implies professionalism and respectfulness. Plus navy looks good with everyone’s complexion. We recommend Ted’s ARCINAJ, Navy Blue Suit for a masculine and elegant look.


The KERNALJ Debonair Wool FITTED SUIT will follow you on every occasion. Offering a slim fit, this elegant, Italian wool style embodies Ted’s attention to detail with it’s bold printed lining, a lapel pin and an integrated pocket making all the difference