Hudson Group launches Men’s Mental health campaign for Movember

Hudson Active, the Group’s CSR arm which seeks to empower a fitness culture, launched Men’s Mental Health campaign for Movember with messages across the group’s stores and social media. The campaign, done in collaboration with Richmond Foundation, raises mental health awareness and draws on the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy mind.

Men’s mental health is seldom spoken about. Men may be reluctant to seek support for their mental health or disclose mental health problems to loved ones, causing a vicious circle. Men in Europe are almost five times more likely to commit suicide than women, but women are up to three times as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression as they seek professional support. Men made up 77% of all people who committed suicide in the European Union in 2014. The enormity of this crisis is such that in 2015, self-harm was the tenth leading cause of death in men of all ages in the WHO European Region, and the number one cause of death in 15-29-year-old men. (Source:

In spite of the depth of the subject, Hudson will seek to create a positive message as well as collect funds for Richmond Foundation (, offering a mix of personal and work place psychological support. Apart from offering therapeutic care, Richmond seeks to equip individuals with the skills to live and work independently. Their tailored support services range from support groups and assisted living solutions, to educational programmes and counselling services.

When discussing this joint activity, Richmond Foundation’s CEO Stephania Dimech Sant said “The Men’s Mental Health Campaign organised by Hudson Group for Movember is an innovative and creative way of raising awareness for mental health issues amongst men.  Thank you Hudson Group for supporting Richmond as it continues to promote good mental health and provide free services to support people in protecting their mental health.  This initiative is also an excellent opportunity to send our message that mental health should matter as much as physical health”