Back to the Future II inspired NIKE Adapt shoe lands at Urban Jungle, Malta

We may not have flying cars or hoverboards, but NIKE pays its contribution to Back to the Future II with a self-lacing sneaker NIKE Adapt adjustable through a smartphone… and now its in Malta! The Nike Adapt breakthrough lacing system, electronically adjusts to the shape of the foot. Just like, Marty McFly’s special shoes in the 1989 Back to the Future II shoe.

Powered by the Nike Adapt App, those who complement their style with these shoes can also instantly adjust its laces, check battery levels and more using just your smartphone. Five customizable voice commands work with Siri Shortcuts—or Google Voice, for Android users. The Nike App comes loaded with two preset fit modes: one tuned for activity and the other for relaxing. You can easily create your own with custom modes, as well.

Your Apple Watch can also personalize your shoes. Instantly change the colour of the shoe lights or switch up your fit modes, all from your wrist. With 13 iconic Nike colours available to illuminate your lace engines, complement your personal style with pulsing and static options. Or, for a low-key look, simply turn off the lights.The shoe is also easily charged wirelessly. They simply need to be set on a mat their lights change as they load up. If the battery runs out while you’re wearing them, your shoes will still unlace so you never get stuck.

The effort to refine fit has yielded several innovative platforms through Nike’s history – Huarache, Flywire and Flyknit, to name a few. Perhaps none was more critical to advancing custom fit than the 2016 introduction of the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, the first Nike multipurpose performance shoe to feature power lacing.

Internationally, the Nike Adapt is taking the streets and courts by storm, with a recently developed model for Basketball which adapts according to the different motions and times of the game.

“Bill Bowerman (one of NIKE’s founders) original insight was that fit is the foundation of athletic performance,” says Eric Avar, who helped developed many award-winning NIKE products.

The next step will be to bring this technology to other sports and lifestyle products, each with unique demands for fit in different environments.