Hudson Holdings, through its joint venture Premium Brands, strike again with new Urban Jungle store in Garden City Mall – ALGIERS

The first Urban Jungle to land in Algeria opened its door last week in the new Garden City shopping mall in Algiers City, Algeria. Urban Jungle celebrates Sneaker Culture – a global phenomenon that connects beyond borders – with a strong message in favour of equality.

The Urban Jungle store features the best from NIKE, Jordan, Converse, New Era, Adidas, Puma and more. It includes a hip Sneaker Vault which showcases top tier products, whilst women take centre stage with a dedicated Women’s Sneaker Couture wall. Street artwork from local artists is featured on the store’s walls.

The official launch celebration will include the participation of the young Algiers community in a full Urban Day event which included a breakdance performance and appearance from Algeria’s best DJs later on this month.

Garden City Mall is one of the most sought-after malls in Algeria. Inspired by the architecture of the “Algiers” Kasbah, Garden City presents a new concept of open-air shopping. Earlier last month Premium Brands opened a NIKE store within the same mall.

The mall is open seven days a week boasting a total of 70 retail stores and 25 restaurants. Stores are open from 10am to 10pm whilst restaurants are open until 11.30pm.

All COVID-19 directives have been put in place within the store to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all who visit.

The store is targeted as the ultimate destination for 16-30 youths offering the best in street wear and style. It is sure to reverberate through Algeria’s young population, with 25% of the total population being under 25 years of age. These young adults are truly switched onto urban culture, and have become ever more connected, expressing further passion towards sneakers. Urban Jungle is positioned perfectly to offer just this.

Present in European and Africa countries, Urban Jungle connects youth culture through Fashion and sneakers, resonating a strong message of equality beyond borders. Urban Jungle is also the ultimate destination for all that is present today in Art, Music and Fashion. It is not just a sneaker store but a landmark of street culture.

Established in 1993 in Malta, Urban Jungle seeks to offer its customers the latest and greatest products from the top sports brands, Featuring the latest Sneakers and street culture fashion apparel, together with the coolest accessories and gadgets, the products surpasses customer expectations, placing the concept store a cut above the rest, a step ahead of all.

Premium Brands is a joint venture with Hudson Holdings. Hudson’s head office is in Malta and has subsidiary offices in Italy, Algeria, Morocco, and Nigeria.