This Women’s Day, HUDSON sends GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT MESSAGE through its leading brand NIKE

Since its foundation, Nike has contributed to women’s empowerment, encouraging girls and women to break boundaries and top their personal best – off and on the pitch and track.

As the representatives and distributors of NIKE in Malta and in over 34 countries in Africa, Hudson is proudly raising a flag of empowerment on this International Women’s Day by celebrating five women in 5 different countries that are contributing to pushing the limits of sport and culture.

Women’s Day in MALTA –  fitness guru Leah Camenzulli talks about how sport helped her find a new balance in her life.

In MALTA, Hudson also invited  all women to a sunrise Yoga class with master yogi Rosita early on the morning of Wednesday 8th March. The event took place Temptation Gazebos, at AX the Palace Sliema and focused on daily gratitude, photos below.


In KENYA, content creator Carrie Wahu encourages women to support women to bring their dreams to reality.

In NIGERIA, barrier-breaker Hijabballer tells us how her love for football changed her life and how the perception of women in sport is changing in her country.

In ALGERIA digital creator and outspoken advocate for women’s right Rania Bancroft shares her thoughts on the role of women in today’s digital space.

In MOROCCO another sport trail blazer like Fouzia Madhouni guides us through her incredible and inspiring story of passion and resilience.

The first NIKE shoe was sold in Malta in 1987, Hudson’s then sub-company Time International (Sport) Ltd., with the first shipment selling out in a matter of a week. The rest is history and Hudson now proudly represents NIKE in over 34 African countries. The brand reaches these destinations through a purposely built distribution centre in Hal Far Malta which spans a total area of 5,000 sqm. The project bolsters the company’s services towards the brands it represents in Africa – bringing Fashion and Sport closer to the continent. Besides this, Hudson proudly operates 12 NIKE flagship stores in Malta and Africa.

Not only as a sport company but also as a lifestyle brand, NIKE seeks to empower women in every walk of life – regardless of their age, location, job, ability, race or whether they are an athlete or not. In the past NIKE has worked to fight equality in sport as well as in other avenues of life. The brand also regularly donates to more than 135 community partners supporting women and girls worldwide.

To learn more about Hudson’s representation of NIKE, click here.