Hudson is passionate about sustainability, particularly on Earth Day. One of Hudson’s core values is in protecting the communities, societies and environments it operates it and therefore champions a message in favour of saving planet earth. For Earth Day it resonates NIKE’s message ‘Move To Zero’ with initiatives in its various territories.

Hudson pulls an effort in favour of the environment

As a company, Hudson is ecological and mindful of its impact especially when it comes to Mother Nature. Hudson believes that for a better world, change must start within so, Hudson has installed recycling bins within its shops, offices, and other locations to lessen the amount of trash generated by sports and fast fashion that ends up in landfills. Customers and staff are asked to recycle their old clothes and shoes, which will ultimately be exported to third-world nations for recycling and reusing.

In additional, Hudson’s newly and fresh store, Hudsonstore at Campus Hub, Msida, is furnished with renewable fittings. Its mannequins, hangers, changing rooms and furniture are all made out from recyclable materials. In commemoration of Earth Day, the store is giving out a free tote bag made out of recyclable material, with purchases of  75euro or more. In other territories, Hudson’s subsidiary offices will be organising a Plogging event on beaches, intended to pick trash that is likely to end up in the sea.


NIKE leads with a message in favour of producing products with less waste. In fact, its journey is to use zero waste and zero carbon, with the campaign Move to Zero. By 2025, Nike aims to reduce 0.5 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, with plans to utilise 50% environmental friendly materials when producing its products. In Nike’s extensive supply chain, waste is entirely prevented from ending up in landfills and at least 80% of the waste is recycled into Nike products. Lastly, Nike is aiming to use 25% less fresh water for finishing and colouring textiles.

NIKE also encourages customers to recycle and donate worn out footwear and apparel which helps reduce waste. In order to generate newly designed and manufactured items, it also gathers vintage and dead stock products.

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