Legendary street culture figure, Michael Dupouy in Malta for ALL GONE 2022 book signing

Michael Dupouy, a legendary figure in street fashion, has released the ALL GONE 2022 edition with a book signing taking place at Urban Jungle, The Point in Malta. Dupuoy, is credited with creating the most significant yearly urban guide.

This year’s edition, a love letter to street culture is a must have for all street fashion lovers. It showcases 2022’s finest and greatest achievements in street culture with cover artwork by visual artist VERDY. These limited-edition hardback books record all the ever-changing urban trends and catalogues the most innovative and coveted street culture products of the year.

All Gone is  more than  simply a streetwear enthusiast’s annual. It enables Urban newcomers to get a taste of street culture as well as learn from and be inspired by the best in the business. These coveted annuals celebrate the vibrant confluence of street-fashion and art with a selection of pieces from renowned photographers and artists.

This event took place on Friday 12th May 2023, with good vibes radiating all around. The night was filled with inspiration, creativity and a shared love for art and street culture. Food, drinks and music complemented the good vibes and included the participation of Local DJs.

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