NIKE & NIKE Swim sponsorship by Hudson for Water Polo teams Exiles S.C. and Sirens A.S.C.

As the Water Polo season is underway, Hudson is pleased to announce two NEW sponsorship collaborations with Sirens A.S.C. and Exiles S.C. Hudson, through Nike and Nike Swim will be sponsoring the male and female Sirens and Exiles Water Polo teams, together with the technical staff and coaches. This also includes equipment provided to each team.

Although more widely known for its sporting gear and athletic apparel for running, basketball and football, Nike has made significant developments in producing high-quality swimwear and accessories through Nike Swim.

Nike Swim offers a range of products tailored to meet the needs of swimmers, including swim goggles, competition suits, swim caps, and swimming bags. Its swimsuits and swimming warm-ups are appreciated for their design and performance, making them a preferred option for many athletes.

Nike and Nike Swim have established solid partnerships and provided sponsorships to several prominent swimmers worldwide, reinforcing its presence and reputation within the swimming community.

Sirens A.S.C. 

The success and dedication of the youth Water Polo section within this club is considered the club’s  “jewel in the crown” which speaks volumes about the club’s commitment to developing young talent and fostering a strong generation of players for the senior team and eventually the national team.

Having a well-structured program for children as young as 7 years old up to 17 years old, allows the club to nurture young skills and a passion for the sport. Participation in national age group competitions and tournaments ensures that young players get exposure to competitive environments, helping them grow both as individuals and athletes.

The club runs teams through various age groups including both boys and girls in its initiatives to further promote gender equality in sports and ensures opportunities for everyone whilst contributing to the future of this sport.

The sports club engages in three different sports and each represented by male and female teams: Water Polo, swimming, and synchronised swimming.

Exiles S.C.

The Exiles Water Polo Club in Sliema has held Water polo at its core since its establishment in 1967. With nearly four decades of dedication to the sport, the club has established a strong presence locally and is now aiming to showcase its image both within Malta and on an international level.

Exiles is a sports club that participates in two aquatic disciplines: Water Polo and swimming. The club has both Male and Female teams competing in both of its sports.

History of Water Polo in Malta

Swimming is a demanding sport that requires consistent training to improve technique and speed. Water Polo is widely practised by youngsters in Malta all year round, more so during the summer months, for the coveted summer league cup. It is not uncommon for swimmers from beginners to elite athletes, especially those involved in competitive swimming, to train both mornings and evenings.

In Malta, this sport dates back to the early 20th century, and over the years, the country has developed a strong Water polo culture with numerous teams, competitions, and achievements.

Besides water polo, Hudson also sponsors local football teams, athletics, gyms, and netball clubs. A full list can be found here.

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