Beachside Burn Kids Edition, Dive Into Your Next Adventure!

After the successful first edition of Beachside Burn, it is now time for the kids to show us how it’s done! This event, entitled Beachside Burn Kids Edition will be held at Tortuga Beach, Armier on the 5th September.

There will be different activities targeting different age groups and different elements of children’s fitness including obstacles, relay and sensory games.

Leanne Bartolo, athlete, influencer and the perfect fitness role model will lead this exciting edition in collaboration with  The Warehouse. The event will be sponsored by Nestle and Nivea.

Why should your child attend this event?

Before hitting the books for a new scholastic year, this events offers children a fantastic opportunity to unwind and recharge. It allows them to soak in the excitement of outdoor activities, fostering a sense of enthusiasm and energy.

Moreover, the event provides a chance for social interaction, as children can bond with friends and make new ones while enjoying the games. This experience creates lasting memories and a positive mindset, making for a smooth and spirited transition as they head back to school.

Before registering, look at some of the benefits that physical activity can have on your kids, making them stronger and healthier. Exercise should be part of our daily routine, especially in boosting mental well-being, even at such an early stage. Engaging in physical activity isn’t just a task; it’s a means to boost self-assurance and should be incorporated at an early age. There are multiple benefits when participating in physical activity:

Strong Little Bodies!

Being part of a team and participating in regular sports helps children build strong bones and muscles. It reduces the possibility of childhood obesity and other related health issues.


Unleash Your Abilities, Become more Independent!

Growing up, children develop multiple skills from different experiences and people. When having multiple motor skills children tend to have a positive impact on their ability to perform daily tasks and engage in sports independently.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds!

Physical activities will help reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression in kids. This supports bringing forward mentally resilient individuals no matter where they go in life.


With today’s social media, children are becoming more body conscious and they are also alerted on a daily basis on the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Physical activities aid children to boost their self-esteem and confidence, particularly as they achieve different physical milestones. This provides them with a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

Daily Routines!

A daily routine of physical activity can set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle especially when starting from a young age. As they grow up, children who are exposed to physical activity are more likely to carry these daily habits.

Build Future Friendships!

Social interaction during sports is essential as it provides an opportunity for kids to interact with their peers in a positive and structured environment. They will experience multiple skills such as teamwork, discipline, communication, and cooperation while working together to achieve a common goal.

Overall, regular physical activity has a wide range of health benefits including improved cardiovascular health, stronger immune systems and better sleep quality.

Limited spaces, Register here

All money gathered will be donated to The Hudson Foundation!

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