Hudson organizes football tournament in celebration of the start of Euro 2024

In anticipation of the Euro 2024 campaign, Hudson Group Malta, in partnership with NIKE, Urban Jungle, and Intersport, is set to host a distinctive 5-a-side football tournament. The event will take place on the 13th of June from 5pm onwards, at the Infetti football pitch. An entry fee of 10 euro per person is required, however, teams will compete against each other with a chance of winning a generous cash prize and a customized trophy.

Aside from the tournament, Red Bull will be hosting a challenge area where participants can test their abilities and win fantastic prizes. Here, participants will be able to compete in challenges ranging from freestyling, to testing their precision with the ball.

This event is inspired by the upcoming European Championships 2024, which will kick off one day after the tournament, on the 14th of June. The tournament will be hosted by three-time winners Germany, who are joint with Spain for being the most successful in the competition. With a lot of excitement and tension building up for the start of the tournament, all football lovers are invited to take part in their own version of a competitive, fun football tournament.

To participate click here

Hudson – A business born through Sport

Hudson is a sport and fashion distributor and emphasizes the importance of sport and leading an active lifestyle. Hudson proudly represents the world’s leading sports brand – NIKE, in 30 countries and is committed to promoting and pushing people to prioritize their well-being. Hudson also sells sport clothing in Intersport and EA7, where a rich assortment of leading sports brands converges to cater to every athletic need. Urban Jungle, the company’s own multi-brand creation, also focuses on sport inspired lifestyle apparel, promoting a more active lifestyle.

The company’s conception is deeply rooted in Sport and remains close to heart. Hudson sold its first pair of NIKE shoes in Malta, back in 1987, and since then garnered a solid portfolio of sports and fashion brands in the fast fashion and designer business, which it represents through an extensive retail and distribution network. Hudson takes it upon itself to ensure that through events and campaigns, keeping fit and healthy are made priorities in people’s lives, and does its utmost to push the importance of it. Read more about how Hudson empowers a fitness culture.