Celebrating a Decade of Fashion: Kiabi Marks 10 Years of Operation in Malta

Earlier this month, Hudson celebrated 10 years since introducing Kiabi to Malta, a journey that began in 2014.

The first Kiabi store to have opened its doors on the island, was and is still found in Qormi, a 1160 sqm store of affordable fashion for men, women, children, and baby. The store enabled the Maltese market to acquaint itself with Kiabi’s concept of quality, stylish and affordable fashion.

Following Qormi, Hudson doubled Kiabi’s retail space with another 1000 sqm in the north of the island, precisely Burmarrad. In 2020, the brand was introduced to one of Malta’s leading shopping malls – The Point Shopping Complex, offering a further 1121 sqm. Each new store not only broadened the brand’s reach but also deepened Hudson’s connection with the Maltese community.

The dedication of the Maltese team has not gone unnoticed, as it has been honoured by various Customer Service awards, locally as well as by Kiabi international. During the anniversary celebration, four employees who have worked with Hudson at Kiabi since its introduction to Malta were presented with awards for their service throughout these 10 years. These individuals are Tessie Sciberras, Mariella Barbara, Theophania Zammit and Natalia Mccairn, who have all started on the shop floor and worked themselves up to a various roles, including Brand Management for Malta as well as Group Visual Merchandising. 

Employing over 65 individuals exclusively in its Maltese stores, Kiabi has become an integral part of the retail landscape. Embracing its role as a destination for value fashion, Kiabi consistently delivers on its promise of offering high-quality clothing at affordable prices, ensuring that fashion remains accessible to all.

The success of Kiabi’s family-focused approach is evident in its popular campaigns, such as the “Always more for families” initiative, which resonates with customers seeking quality clothing for every member of the household without breaking the bank. This commitment to catering to the diverse needs of families has earned Kiabi a loyal customer base, evident in the bustling footfall recorded across its Maltese outlets.

The number of customers visiting the three stores in Malta, not only underscore Kiabi’s popularity but also highlights its enduring appeal among Maltese consumers.

As Kiabi celebrates its 10th anniversary in Malta, it reaffirms its dedication to providing accessible, stylish fashion for all, setting the stage for another decade of tailored excellence and inclusivity. With its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Kiabi continues to redefine the fashion landscape, one stylish ensemble at a time.

The celebration event which took place in the Kiabi Qormi store, saw the participation of Hudson employees and management, clients, influencers, suppliers, business partners as well as representatives from the Kiabi Head Office in Lille, France.

Taking Kiabi to Cyprus

With three outlets in Malta, in 2021, in the midst of the COVID epidemic, Hudson opened the first Kiabi store in Cyprus, spread over 1280 sqm in the popular Metropolis Mall Larnaca.

Just a year later, Hudson in Cyprus, sought new heights and opened another store in Neon Mall, Paphos. Besides the geographical proximity, Cyprus exhibits great similarities to Malta. Beyond the weather, language, the outdoor lifestyles and joie-de-vivre, are all elements of life shared by these Mediterranean countries. The plan is to continue expanding Kiabi to other countries.

Kiabi – a commitment to inclusivity and affordability

Kiabi was established in 1978 by Patrick Mulliez, and revolutionised the fashion industry by pioneering the concept of low-cost fashion for the entire family, setting a new standard in the realm of accessible style.

Its viewpoint is rooted in catering to all sizes and ages, Kiabi crafts its clothes that are not just envisioned for everyone but designed to suit each individual’s unique tastes. This attitude has drove Kiabi to become a household name, resonating with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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