Hudson launches first Crocs kiosk in Algeria

Hudson, through its partner Premium Brands, is excited to reveal the opening of its first Crocs Kiosk in Algeria. Located in the country’s capital, Algiers, the store is positioned on the first floor within the beautiful Garden City Mall. Spanning an area of 15 sqm, the kiosk offers the classic Crocs, Crocs kids and sandals, and features an awesome collection of the latest Jibbitz.

Mainly targeted to kids and families, the opening welcomed many customers who enjoyed the various fun activities such as face painting, customised Crocs cupcakes, a selfie trial spot, a wheel of luck where customers could win Jibbitz, as well as a Doodle Wall which encouraged all those present to get creative and express themselves.

Crocs growth as a brand

The brand’s success can be attributed to strategic marketing, including collaborations with celebrities and influencers, which have boosted its appeal across various demographics. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a spike in demand for comfortable, casual footwear, further propelling Crocs’ market expansion.

Encouraging customers to ‘come as you are’, Crocs is an innovative, fun brand which prioritizes comfort, style and convenience. Since the COVID pandemic, the brand has been growing at an exponential rate, with revenue skyrocketing from 2020 to 2021 by 67%, reaching $2.3billion. In 2023, the brand grew a further 11.5%, reaching $3.96 billion. Now, in 2024, Crocs revenue has reached an impressive $4.02billion.

Besides its colourful style, the vibrancy of this brand can be attributed to its Jibbitz. These are small shoe charms which can be easily added to Crocs shoes. With countless designs, Jibbitz charms allow Crocs wearers to show off their interests, hobbies, and personalities. It’s like wearing your heart on your shoe!

Hudson is the official distributor and retailer of Crocs in Malta, Morocco, and Algeria.


In Algeria, Hudson is represented by Premium Brands.